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  • god chooses the lost of this world,to show himself mighty

    come as you are, he will do the rest

  • You + Holy Spirit =

    A Greater Reward for Jesus!

  • we walk by fath not by sight

    2 Corinthians 5:7

  • Your Story is for his glory

    your are chosen,cherished and loved

Lisa is a business owner by profession but at heart she is a trailblazer! Lisa is a woman after Gods own heart and she walks with an Evangelical Prophetic Anointing.

Her heart is pure before the Lord and her name suits her perfectly. Definition of the name Lisa: Oath to God

Even when she had nothing she would give her last to anyone who was in need. It has always been her lifelong desire to help others however she had her own demons to face first. Lisa struggled as a youth, and spent 22 years lost wandering in the dark wilderness.

God called Lisa out of the grave, and is using her vessel to set captives free. Lisa is a strong woman who has walked through the fire, she is now an ordained minister who pours buckets of living water into the lives of others bringing inner healing, deliverance, and freedom.

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of our friends and partners, we display a comprehensive and relevant message to find ones true identity in Christ. We share His love for people across the globe and we are using the most up to date forms of media and communications available, as well as the development and distribution of practical teaching resources for small groups, ministries, and conferences.

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Surrender and Obedience

I’m going to be speaking about The Potter and the clay, more on surrender and obedience.

Aug 13,2019

You are the salt of the earth called according to God’s purpose!

You are the salt of the earth called according to God’s purpose! You are the preservative of people through the goodness of God. Let your light shine to glorify our Father in Heaven.

There is Power in Surrender!

When you submit your power to God it multiplies- He knows he can trust you. I submit my gifts my time my energy and most of all my mind – my mind isn’t always Healthy, and my mind doesn’t always want to do what God wants me to do, my mind doesn’t always make right decisions.

WHO YOU SAY I AM – is about trials in life, the devil’s schemes, and Who God Says We ARE!!! AVAILABLE FALL 2020

Lisa's second book is in creation about the years she spent wandering in the wilderness; and the miraculous calling God has on her life to set captives free through Christ. Available 2020

Lisa has started an outreach ministry in San Diego California called Hearts of Fire. Hearts of Fire exists to partner with organizations in the San Diego community and beyond to bring hope and the love of God to the lost.

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